1. Project management.

The project management will be carried out by a team of employees of the Municipality of Smolyan. Following the conclusion of the Grant Contract, a team will be formed with mayor’s order.

The team will be responsible for the administrative, technical, finance and accounting implementation of the project, communication with all stakeholders, including the Norwegian partner and the PO.

Additional information about the project team and contacts are available in CONTACTS.

2. Preparation of documentation for procurements and selection of contractors for the implementation of project activities.

According to the planned activities, documentation for the procurements for the project activities will be prepared and will be selected contractors, in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and programme requirements.

3. Activities for implementation of energy efficiency measures (EEM) in the external artificial lighting system of the town of Smolyan

Construction works include repair and modernization of the external artificial lighting system in the town of Smolyan through the implementation of energy-saving measures, including the replacement of outdated high-energy lighting sources and the establishment of a new energy and operational monitoring system.

The introduction of permanent automated energy monitoring and control of the lighting system will allow the technical and management staff to have the necessary information related to the serviceability of the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing to optimize costs related to consumption and cost of energy and the use of energy resources.

The implementation of envisaged EEM will bring:

  • Reduce electricity consumption;
  • Optimization and improvement of the operation of the external artificial lighting system;
  • Reduce operating and maintenance expenditures;
  • Reduce electricity expenditures to the energy supplier;
  • Reduce of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Extension of the operating life of the lighting sources;
  • Increasing the administrative capacity in the Municipality of Smolyan by new technologies, knowledge and skills.

4. Construction and Author’s Supervision.

The activity includes the execution of construction and author’s supervision: the construction supervision will have main role in the control of quality, safety and in compliance with the applicable regulatory framework of the execution of the construction and mounting works envisaged under the project, including energy-saving measures; the author‘s supervision will ensure compliance with approved investment projects in the implementation of construction works, which will contribute to the quality of the final results.

5. Information and publicity.

Within the implementation of the project, the activities shall comply with the Information and Communication Requirements of the FM of the EEA and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the EEA Financial Mechanism Implementing Regulation 2014-2021: Conducting of pressconferences and workshop with stakeholders in the energy efficiency area; publication of press releases in regional electronic media; design and installation of temporary information billboards and permanent information boards; design and printing of information materials for public events; development of a bilingual project website.

6. Exchange of experience and good practices.

Within the framework of this activity an exchange of experience and good practices in the field of energy efficiency will be carried out between the Municipality of Smolyan and the Norwegian project partner Enok Sentret. Two visits will be organized and conducted within the activity - experts from the Municipality of Smolyan will visit Norway (Orsta) and Norwegian experts will visit Bulgaria and Smolyan. During the visit in Smolyan, a workshop will be organized with stakeholders in the field of energy efficiency to present good practices and discuss future development of the city and the municipality in this regard.

7. Execution of Independent Financial Audit.

For the implementation of this activity a licensed independent auditor expert will be selected in accordance with the Public Procurement Act. The auditor will execute verification of the expenditures for the implementation of the project  and will prepare audit report verifying that the expenditures are in accordance with the FM EEA Implementing Regulation 2014-2021, national legislation  and relevant national accounting practices.