Smolyan Municipality successfully implements a third energy efficiency project in collaboration with a Norwegian energy company

Smolyan Municipality has carried out a series of projects with the financial support of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. Three of these projects were in partnership with the Norwegian energy management company "Nordplan". Until 2022, the partner for these projects was the "Enok-Senteret – Center for Energy Efficiency", which merged with "Nordplan" in 2023.

Between 2015 and 2017, under Program BG04 "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy," in partnership with "Enok-Senteret", Smolyan Municipality completed two projects:

  • Project: "Implementation of Measures for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Three Buildings in Smolyan Municipality – II Primary School 'Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov,' VI Primary School, and Ivan Vazov Language High School and Kindergarten 3 'Rodopchance'" (after signing the contract, Ivan Vazov Language High School was removed from the project due to budget reduction during the project proposal evaluation and insufficient funds for the three facilities).
  • Project: "Implementation of Measures for Energy Efficiency through the Use of Renewable Energy in Three Kindergartens in Smolyan Municipality."

Under the program "Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security," from 2021 to 2023, Smolyan Municipality implemented the project BGENERGY-2.001-0034: "Rehabilitation and Modernization of the External Artificial Lighting System in the City of Smolyan."

From May 25th to 28 2023, a delegation from Smolyan Municipality visited the city of Ålesund, Norway, as part of joint activities with the Norwegian partner, the energy company Nordplan. During the working visit, the representatives of Smolyan Municipality familiarized themselves with the experience of the Norwegian company in the field of outdoor artificial lighting and innovative measures for energy efficiency. They visited facilities in Hareid, Ulsteinvik, and Ulstein. For the Bulgarian experts, the innovative street lighting management system and the technologies used for lighting fixtures were of particular interest. They also visited a heat center that utilizes energy from seawater through a system of several heat pumps for heating/cooling multiple buildings.

On October 17th 2023, representatives from the energy company "Nordplan" participated in a working meeting in the field of energy efficiency through an online connection. Mr. Raul Rune Ingebrigtsen and Mr. Johan Hustadnes presented their company and their experience in the fields of energy, the environment, and sustainability. They showed specific examples of using modern technologies in street lighting projects, energy monitoring, and the benefits of introducing energy-efficient lighting fixtures. The implementation of activities for the modernization of street lighting in the city was presented by Mr. Stoyan Kovachev, a representative of "UNION FILKAB ENGINEERING" Association, the main activity executor.

The working meeting also involved municipal experts engaged in activities that shape the municipality's policies in the areas of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and climate change adaptation, as well as the team from the Regional Information Center and representatives of the Regional Administration - Smolyan and the Electric Distribution Company South.

"Nordplan" has a multidisciplinary team of around 80 experts, including architects, civil engineers, road engineers, landscape architects, energy consultants, analysts, project managers, technicians, electrical engineers, and others. In the Energy sector, the company provides energy consultations, renewable energy, energy calculations, labelling, energy management, concession scheme applications, and energy central operation. In the Environmental field, they develop ecological programs and plans, analyse and calculate greenhouse gases, map reuse, and material selection assessments, environmental impact assessments, recovery plans, and waste management. In the third field, Sustainability, the company offers consultations, certification, and seminars based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They emphasize the importance of contributing to the community, believing that only through collaboration among all interested parties can the goals be achieved and climate change be halted.

Smolyan Municipality highly values its cooperation with Norwegian partners and looks forward to future joint initiatives.

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Project "Rehabilitation and Modernization of the System for External Artificial Lighting of the town of Smolyan"


Grant Contract Reg. № BGENERGY- 2.001-0034-018
Grant Contract UMIS № BGENERGY- 2.001-0034-С01
Project № BGENERGY- 2.001-0034


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